Hand-Roasted Coffee to order.

About us

Founded  in London, the capital of Specialty Coffee in Europe, we are Specialty Coffee Roasters, serving markets all over the world.

Our Specialty Coffee is sourced from the top 1% of Arabica coffee beans in the world, with a score 84+ on the SCAA sensory scale*

The majority of coffee produced in the world is commodity grade coffee for the purpose of mass market consumption.

Which we ‘re not interested in!

Ethical sourcing

Our coffee beans are sourced from coffee farmers that are paid above the Fair Trade price

This not only guarantees the very best specialty coffee beans but also supports coffee farmers micro economies.

Our mission

To change the way coffee tastes!

Aromatic and full of flavours, ZOIS Specialty Coffee is roasted always fresh and in small batches in order to extract all of the coffee bean’s flavours and aromas.
Our experienced roasters roast with traditional artisan methods using the very best equipment in the world.

The result: Superior coffee combined with excellent customer service!

Welcome to ZOIS Coffee Roasters!

Registered Address: 29 The Green, London, United Kingdom, N21 1HS


email: info@zoiscoffee.com

phone: +44 7500 709598